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CPT provides Individually tailored training courses in all aspects of covert surveillance and a complete consultancy service in Personal and Corporate technical security.

Courses and advice are delivered using the highest level of skills and professionalism based on experience developed and honed in the field.

Unrivalled Experience

The driving force behind CPT International - its Directors Colin Hamilton and Phil Bond - are former covert surveillance officers with vast experience gained operating in mainland U.K. and in Northern Ireland.

They have both been National Trainers in covert skills, with each having over thirty years experience.

Unrivalled Cutting-edge Technology

CPT has invested heavily in the latest technology and software to ensure that the training and security services they provide are and remain at the highest level. During training courses, which can be set up in any secure training room at the client's premises, I.T. equipment and software enable a secure local area network to be set up, allowing total interaction with the trainer in the classroom and providing all students with valuable learning experience in a safe learning environment.

Unrivalled Qualifications - in policing and in training

The two Directors hold the following professional qualifications:

  • City & Guilds Certificates in Adult and Further Education, Stages I and II
  • City & Guilds Advanced Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory).
  • Members of Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA), which recommends that members undergo, and provide evidence of, continuous professional development (CPD) by means of assessment courses provided by or accepted by IQA. CPT has demonstrated its total commitment to CPD.
  • Successful completion of training programmes in Health and Safety, Risk Assessments and Diversity issues.

CPT staff are proud to be associated and involved in training for Micromill Electronics Ltd.

Recent Projects:

CPT has very successfully conducted a series of courses for various organisations in Australia and in Europe, and has worked with United Kingdom Agencies to address specific training needs.